Car Game Online

Super Drift 3
    Get behind the wheels of one of the super cars for a new drifting race. No matter which track you choose, you always have to be the best driver in this competition to win Super Drift 3 either in arcade mode or you can race against the clock. Much fun!
Happy Wheels
    Happy Wheels - Car Racing Games - Car GamesHappy Wheels is an adventure game where the player controls characters with their goal to reach to the final point. There are obstacles on the way so avoid crashing. The game allows the players to create custom scenarios and play or choose among the 3 million pre existing levels made by different users. The game has very interesting characters which make the game interesting to play. There are lots of interesting levels for the users to play as well. In the game, choose a character, select a level and move carefully in the game as there are lots of hurdles and obstacles which would break the body parts. Enjoy playing Happy Wheels !
Dora Car Racing
    Dora is so eager to drive her new car to win a car racing. Her mission is to drive her car carefully to get qualify for the next round. Besides reaching the cross line,try to collect as much stars as possible. Good luck with Dora! To control, simply use the arrow keys to move the car. Up arrow key to move forward, down arrow key for reverse, right arrow key and left arrow key to work your way over the round cave! Control: Use arrow keys to play.
Dream Car Racing
    Taxi Mission only, from Ace Gangster. Pickup a passenger and drop it to earn some cash! Like in GTA, you can kill who you want!
3d Quad Bike Racing
    Drift and barge your way to the finish line as you challenge your fellow quad racers for the ultimate victory! Be warned though, you're in for a bumpy ride!
Tonys Food Adventure
    Tonys Food Adventure is a truck game. Little Tony has to deliver all the food to each shop using his truck and trailer. Transport the burgers, pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, donuts, hamburgers, etc as quickly and safely as you can. As you earn more money you can upgrade the trolley on your truck. If you fail to deliver the correct amount of food then you'll lose your job! Use arrow keys to move, shift to drop the items and n for nitro. Shop to upgrade trolleys.
Mario Truck War
    Mario Truck War is racing game. Mario, Donkey Kong and Bowser are competing with each other to see who is the best racer. Navigate each track and finish in first place to progress. Collect coins and use your nitro boost to give you that extra competitive edge. Make sure you keep your balance and not crash. Use Arrow keys to play, N for Nitro and R for Restart.
Monster Truck Trip 2
    Drive your monster truck over rough terrain collecting stars and destroying cars to earn more points to upgrade your truck. Use the arrow keys to drive and balance, and either Z or N for a boost of nitrous to get through the levels
Grand Prix Go
    Beat your nine opponents and unlock all the achievements!
Heavy Equipment Racing
    Heavy Equipments Racing is a racing game. You have cranes, bobcats and all sorts of trucks to choose from in this cool game. Choose one of them and upgrade it as much as possible in order to have a good performance. Collect power-ups on the way which will give you a magnet to attract all the other power-ups for a short period of time, NOS power for an extra speed boost, health, fuel and coins. You will have to win every race to progress to the next level. Use your arrow keys to drive, your X key to use NOS and your C key for magnet.
Super Mario Truck
    Race super mario's truck.
Sonic Truck War
    Sonic Truck War is a racing game. Sonic and Knuckles are facing off against each other in the truck race to end all truck races! Choose to race as either character and battle your way to the finish line. You must finish in 1st place to progress to the next level. Collect rings and use your boost to your advantage in 10 fun, tricky races. Use Arrow keys to play,Z for Boost and R for Restart.
The Truck Competition
    Hi welcome to trucks, the aim of the game is to race againts aponents and finish in the top 3 to win cash, you can buy upgrades and new vehicles with your winings
Super Mario Rush
    Super Mario Rush is a racing game. Mario and all his friends are racing again all over Mario World in their awesome cars. There will be mysterious power-ups hidden all around, so collect them and see what you get. The mushroom will give you some extra speed, the star will activate a shield, the banana will allow you to set a trap to the competitors coming from behind and the turtle will allow you to shoot the competitor ahead. But watch out for bananas or fake power-up signs and other obstacles that may lie ahead. Have a great time playing this exciting game! Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to use a power-up
Sky Driver Extreme
    Drive on roads in the sky, trying not to fall off and reaching the goal before time runs out, play alone in the one player mode or with a friend in the two players mode. Can you complete the 10 levels?
Spongebob Speed Car Racing
    Spongebob is having gallons of fun in this great Bikini Bottom racing adventure, join him as he whizzes around the town in his brand new ride!
Sonic Car Champ
    Sonic is racing with his friends choose your favorite character and Drive as fast as you can before any opponent take over you use booster to speed up fast and be first to unlock new Characters and levels have fun! there is always fun to play with your favorite dream character so why not to grab the chance.
Hidden Car Tires
    Three amazing and fastest cars are in these three pictures. You can select one at the beginning. Next step is to find something which is hidden in that picture. That is 15 car tires. Use mouse and click on the tire when you see one. The time is limited so be fast and find all hidden tires before time runs out. You have 200 seconds for each picture and you can do 5 mistakes. If you do more mistakes the game will be over. So, if you are ready start the game and have fun!
M1 Car Racing
    In M1 Car Racing, you don't have the hassle of being gridlocked and stuck in traffic jams. Pick up some sweets from the service station, and get burning some rubber! Do you have what it takes to be the fastest car racer? Good luck drivers and gain the highest score as possible. Now start your engines and get them fingers at the ready!
Car Ferry
    In this tricky physics game you need to get the car onto the ferry. There’s just one problem: there’s no bridge! Use the available materials to create a makeshift bridge that will stay afloat long enough for the car to board. Click to drop objects. As soon as you’ve created a bridge, click the car to make it drive across. Collect as many stars as you can for extra points!
Turbo Truck
    Turbo Truck is a great monster truck game! Take your monster truck out on the huge hills and cliffs and have a drive around using your arrow keys, if you need to gain power you can use right and left arrow keys. See if you can complete the monster tracks without wrecking your truck and within the selected time limit.
Dump Truck 4
    The Dump Truck is back and the main truck driver has called in sick, you need to fill his space as you are the only one on the site that has the skill to drive this great big beast, make sure you meet the demands of the site manager and maybe you will get a bonus. Drive the truck with carefully, when you near a tractor press button space to drop the stone, make sure your truck is below the tractor, so you can load the stone.
Truck Zombie Jam
    The zombies are awaken and they are attacking the city. You need to stop and kill them before they reaching the city. Drive the monster truck out and smarsh those zombie back to the graveyard. Collect money to boost your truck power.Try not to get your monster truck crash by the zombies attack. Wide them out before your truck get damage. use arrow to drive the monster truck
Dump Truck 2
    Dump Truck 2 is a Truck Driving Game. Here you drive a truck on mountain landscape and need to deliver some cargo. When you start a level you need to drive some meters backwards until you see pipe in the air. Put your truck under this pipe and press the Space-bar button to load the cargo. When you get to the end of the level you need to unload the cargo onto the conveyor. Press Z and X to incline the rear part of the truck and unload the cargo or at least what is left to unload! The more cargo you have left at the end of the level the higher your score.
Dump truck
    Have you drive a dump truck, in this game you'll need to transport the stone into an industry to remake the stones, transport the goods from one stage to the next, making sure you arrive with the demands, and don't be dropped the stones on the way even your truck got falling there. So keep your truck balanced and drive it carefully. Use the arrow keys to maneuver the truck and use the Z and X keys to dump the load
Turbo Truck 2
    Turbo Truck 2! The second part in the Turbo Truck series with realistic physics, objects and tracks, giving you that realistic monster truck feel. If you get stuck, you can press that restart button to restart the level. Do you have what it takes? Good luck, and above all, have fun!! Drivers to your vehicles! And get ready to start your engines! · Truck Movements = Use Arrow Keys
Highway Hunter
    Highway Hunter is a Top Down Driving Game. You are racing down the 7 lane Highway. The object of the game is to shoot and destroy other cars on the highway while avoiding the police as they shoot back at you. Create as much destruction and chaos as possible. Just don't get caught and cross the finish line while driving recklessly.
Stitch's Speed Chase
    outrun captain gantu to catch the Experiments!. reports indicate that a large number of experiments are loose on the island. Ca stitch get to them before Captain Gantu?. Race after experiments to catch them while Gantu is chasing after you!. Use the Left/ Right arrows to speed up and slow down. Up/Down arrows to avoid obstacles and pick up objects. Use the space bar to extend the claw and capture an experiment. There's always another experiment ahead, so DONT'T SLOW DOWN!
ModNation Racers Mini GP
    Pick your favorite ModNation Racer and kart combo to take on the fastest times in a Quick Race or Explore Tracks to see what challenges await. Think you can make a better track? Then you can give it your best shot in the Track Creator!
Carjacked In 60 Seconds
    So what of you could never afford that sports car, you can jack it! Join the carjacking syndicate and race your way to the top Car Jacked in 60 Seconds. Play Now!
Taxi Destroyer Rush
    Being a taxi driver is no easy job. Fighting your way traffic all day long to get in time to your clients can be very frustrating. Well, not anymore! Try this new equipped cab, with everything you need to drive faster: bulletproof armor, a machine gun and why not, a rocket launcher! Just shoot your unlimited ammo at anything that comes in your way and don’t let any obstacles, not even other parked cars stop you from reaching to your passenger in time! Start driving in this new era for all taxi drivers
Night Thief Madness
    Being a car thief that acts during the night is not that easy. You have to be very smart and you will need to have great driving and parking skills. Park your car right and drag some expensive sport cars out of the parking lot in order to steal them. You have to do this safely, without crashing and before the time runs out. But be very careful not to cross your car with the security lights or you will get busted. Enjoy all eight levels and have fun playing this awesome game! Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake.
Red Wagon
    It's a hard life at the Farm and after all crops are in the barn, someone still has to drive them to the market. Start up your tractor, load cargo on it and start your delivery adventure across 10 challenging levels. Make sure you deliver most of the cargo and try not to damage the tractor or goods too much. Red Wagon is a nice game for kids and those who like delivery games.
Hot Dog Wars
    Enjoy this wonderful game of parking and shooting and get yourself involved in this interesting plot! There is a war in town and it’s all about hot dogs! You have to find your competition’s hot dog stands, shoot them and then eat all their hot dogs so you can steal their recipe. You have a great mini-game for eating the hot dogs, a cool driving part where you have to make sure you do not crash and a shooting part where you have to take out your enemies before they get the chance to do the same to you. Complete each level before the time runs out in order to win. Have fun! Use your arrow keys to drive, your space bar to brake and your X key to shoot.
18-Wheeler In Traffic
    Take the wheel of a large 18-wheel truck and guide it through the heavy city traffic. Your task is to navigate to the parking spot and place the truck inside the lines. If you manage that, you will unlock new and better trucks to drive!
Full Auto Mayhem
    A great driver taught us one thing about racing: If you ain't first you're dead. In Full Auto Mayhem, drivers are looking as much for guts as they are for glory, but it's your guts they want -- all over the track. Upgrade your ride with missiles, mines and other weapons, so you can make it to the finish line before your opponents finish you. see in game instructions
Xenon Prime Racing
    In the future, race cars won't need wheels. Or windshields. But they will be wicked fast! Try one out! (The pine tree air freshener never goes out of style)
Car Carrier Trailer
    Test yourself and see if you are skilled enough to park any type of car. Start with regular vehicles and drive them through the city, collecting money from the bank. Be careful not to crash into anything, because you could damage your car. Try parking it on the trailer of the car carrier. When you have loaded all the cars, you can move the car carrier trailer out of town. Make sure you complete your mission before the time runs out. Have fun! Use your arrow keys to drive, your space bar to brake and your Z key to load your money bag
Wasteland Jumper
    Drive your powerful monster truck over various obstacles and finish the stage as fast as possible! Collect coins for an even higher score. Good luck!
Truck Monsters
    Truck Monsters - Car Racing Games - Car GamesBe a real monster in Monster Truck racing! Slam over breakable object to generate turbo boosts and perform stunts to increase your nitro amount. Collect coins to purchase upgrades and gain the edge over the competition!
Urban Crusher 3
    It's monster truck madness as you tackle the zany terrain without flipping over, using the arrow keys in this fast paced obstacle racer.
Dead Paradise 3
    Your task is to help the survivors reach the safe haven. Defend their truck at all costs! Drive with the arrow keys, X/Z to turn the gun forward and back, and press space to launch a rocket.
Ice Racer
    Ice Racer - Car Racing Games - Car GamesUser your super car to drive around cool terrain and get there in one piece before the time runs out.
Earn to Die 2012: Part 2
    Earn to Die Full Options with Full Toggle Fuel, Toggle Boost , Toggle Ammo and full Money. After managing to find a helicopter and escape in the last episode you though all was good but it soon went wrong and you crashed. Your now picking up a new radio signal telling you to head to Airfield B-13 at Exodus airfield base but you only have a rough idea where this is so its time to get a vehicle and head off through the zombie filled desert to find this airfield base. Check out the awesome hack bar that we have added for you here and use these extras to help you along your way.
Danger Wheels
    Danger Wheels is a car battle, you must strategically place bombs to try and destroy the blue car, which in turn is also trying to blow you up. Avoid not only the enemies bombs but also your own. Try to predict where the opponents car is going to move and place a bomb there. Also grab all the power-ups throughout the game.
Toon Truck Ride
    Toon Truck Ride is a driving game. Choose your favourite toon characters who are ready to race through these dangerous levels without losing your control. In this racing game, you'll have to complete 20 levels with your car without crashing. Take all the stars without losing balance. Jump, brake or accelerate to regulate your speed and enjoy the ride.
Urban Truck 2
    Urban Truck is back, and better than ever! Urban Truck 2 showcases new types of awesome trucks and even more levels that can test your ability as a truck driver! Collect the gold coins to earn points and get cool power-ups' like the upgrade that will increase the time! Perform awesome stunts and compete against your friends! Enjoy!
Rage Truck 2
    Rage Truck 2 is a racing game. Great game for great players. Enjoy this game where you drive a powerful SUV car with which you can destroy everything in its path. Pay attention to scroll without tipping the truck. Crush cars and run over anyone who gets in your way. Drive through the city releasing their fury in this racing game! Be ready to crush everything by rage truck.
Moonlight Monster Truck
    Its night and you are out for a mission with your Monster Truck, make sure you will survive the darkness! Let your friends see who is the best on this epic and darkness road! If you survive the 6 epic levels you should think about a real career as a Monster Truck driver! We wish you good luck and return save! Arrow keys to drive.
Express Truck
    It’s day one on your new job as a cargo truck driver. In 10 different stages, you’ll have specific task to complete – deliver some goods to destination. Drive through uneven terrain, be quick but careful and deliver the cargo for maximum points. But it's not all simple as that - sometimes you'll need to stop at current point and use some timing to pass obstacles. Great truck game for kids and all who like those games. Use arrow keys to drive the truck.